We are passionately dedicated to improving access to finance, creating jobs, and ensuring revenue growth for Lebanese early-stage businesses

By working through incubators, accelerators, VCs and angel investors, we target early-stage businesses that struggle to access financing

We stimulate early-stage private investments by co-financing and guaranteeing capital

About Us

Insure and Match Capital (IM Capital) provides Matching Capital, Equity Guarantee, and Support Programs to a broad range of qualified early-stage business and investors in Lebanon.

Matching Capital

IM Capital matches new private sector investments with selected investment partners and/or qualified angel investors to support Early-Stage Businesses and Investments

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Equity Guarantee

IM Capital provides Qualified Investors (angels and institutions) with a partial guarantee on investments in Early-Stage Businesses and on Venture Capital Syndicated Pooled Investments, thus mitigating associated risks and encouraging increased capitalization

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Support Programs

IM Capital provides a range of assistance to both investors and entrepreneurs, including training related to successful investment models, entrepreneurship and business concepts, angel coordination and assistance

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