Equity Guarantee



IM Capital provides Qualified Investors (angels and institutions) with a partial guarantee on investments in Early-Stage Businesses and on Venture Capital Syndicated Pooled Investments, thus mitigating associated risks and encouraging increased capitalization.

For a single investment, the guarantee will be of different percentages depending on the investment bracket, with an overall ceiling of USD 500,000.

The main criteria for approving any guarantee is the involvement of a solid and experienced management team who have identified a creditable market niche with significant growth potential.

As for the Venture Capital Syndicated Pooled Investments, eligibility will be contingent to the relevant Information Memorandum, the investment team and investment process.

Investments can be undertaken in Lebanese Pounds, US Dollars, or any other convertible currency.

Only Qualified Investors, angels and institutions, aware of the investment risks, will be eligible for the equity guarantee, and should sign a Protocol of Collaboration with IM Capital.

For angel investors, alongside the « Know Your Customer » documentation, investors will be required to fill up a detailed due diligence questionnaire which reflects their track record, intentions in investing and their associated risk level.

For institutional investors, eligibility will be contingent to the investment team experience and investment process.


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