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What is Confideo VM?

Confideo Venture Mentoring (VM) is a service offered by IM Capital to support the growth of entrepreneurs in Lebanon.

Powered by MIT VMS, Confideo VM is based on the belief that a fledgling business is far more likely to strive when an entrepreneur with an idea can draw on the advice and guidance of a team of mentors with proven skill and experience.

Confideo VM trains mentors on best practices and techniques for effective mentorship, thus enabling professional development opportunities to help entrepreneurs grow their entrepreneurial skill sets and bring their ideas and inventions to market. Support starts from concept development and continues through team formation, incorporation, initial operations, and beyond.

Who is it for?

Confideo VM assists prospective entrepreneurs in early-stage ventures and is non sector-specific.

Applicants are supported starting from concept development and continuing through team formation, incorporation, initial operations, and beyond.

How does it work?

  • Practical hands-on and unbiased advice from teams of 2-5 mentors tailored to each mentee’s challenges
  • Meeting frequency and duration of ongoing mentoring up to mentee
  • Ability to size and change mentor team to meet venture’s evolving needs
  • Assurance of impartial advice by a code of ethics adhered to by all mentors

Confideo VM Mentors: Characteristics & Qualifications

  • Demonstrated expertise in forming and running businesses
  • Advisory skills and role-model profile
  • Willingness to volunteer and commitment to giving back
  • At ease with team mentoring
  • Time to participate in person in group mentoring and monthly mentors gatherings

Advantages to Ventures

  • Access to a diverse pool of experience, opinions, and contacts
  • Increased likelihood for venture to build strong relationship with at least one mentor
  • Ability to size and change mentor team to meet venture’s evolving needs
  • Continuity of the mentoring relationship

Looking for a Diverse Team of Elite Mentors to accompany you in Your Venture Journey?

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MIT Venture Mentoring Services (VMS) is a venture mentoring program developed at MIT in 2000 to support entrepreneurial activity with free and objective team mentoring, and contribute to MIT’s educational mission focused on building stronger entrepreneurs. A cumulative result of 16 years of continuous improvement, MIT VMS model and methodology have helped more than 60 organizations establish their own formal mentoring programs.


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