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In partnership with GoBeyond, IM Capital is launching Seeders Masterclass for Business Angels (MBA), a one-year program that will take novice individual angel investors through a “learn & earn” methodology consisting of an education and investment track in SMEs in Lebanon. The aim of the program, which will start in September, is to create an informed investors’ community in Lebanon with an impressive portfolio.Seeders MBA is a one year-long program where enrolled “novice” angel investors join a class of 10 to 20 individuals and commit $15,000 each in a common pool by investing in a special purpose vehicle (SPV).

Investor participants will get to meet MSMEs via pitching sessions every six to eight weeks and negotiate three or four investments per year. They will also benefit from GoBeyond’s coaching in all aspects of the investment process and mentor entrepreneurs and contribute to the growth of their startups.

Participating investors will have the opportunity to:

  • Monitor an investment portfolio and track its performance
  • Review exit and liquidity options, company valuation, and understand the most common methodologies used to evaluate the valuation of a startup
  • Understand the terms and conditions of shareholder agreements and the their impact on the deal
  • Have a detailed guide to conducting due diligence from both an investor and an entrepreneur’s perspectives
  • Learn about and review the fundamentals of financial reporting, analysis and tools relevant to angel investing
  • Develop and refine an early-stage investing strategy

Leading Angels can become certified deal leaders and members of Go Beyond DL community with an access to International MSME deal flows.

The two main coaches for the MBA program are Brigitte Baumann and Guilhem Porcheron.
Due to the success of the program, the Lebanese Women Angel Fund – LWAF was introduced in 2017 empowering and encouraging women angel investors to invest in women led startups. The program follows the same structure of Seeders with a ticket of 10,000$ and runs in parallel.
Seeders & LWAF groups’ objective is to make investment decisions and offer companies coaching and mentorship, networking opportunities, and access to follow-on funding and/or matching capital from IM Capital.

For more details on the programs, take a look at the MBA brochure 

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